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    Book club!


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    Book club!

    Post  Bozwaldo on Fri Feb 17, 2017 1:42 am

    Hey guess what you clicked on a boring thread-title! Good for you!

    So I thought it would be a good idea to post links to / thoughts about some of my favorite short stories, and we could sort of read and discuss them easily because they're... short.

    My first story is "The Last Question," written by Isaac Asimov ages ago. It is about the question posed to humanity's greatest supercomputer -- and the long, long, long calculation to reach the answer. It's a pretty ambitious story.

    I came across it on 8chan one time (I think), and the poster had a much better synopsis. Oh, and Asimov had a better synopsis too:

    Isaac Asimov wrote:"This is by far my favorite story of all those I have written.

    After all, I undertook to tell several trillion years of human history in the space of a short story and I leave it to you as to how well I succeeded. I also undertook another task, but I won't tell you what that was lest l spoil the story for you.

    It is a curious fact that innumerable readers have asked me if I wrote this story. They seem never to remember the title of the story or (for sure) the author, except for the vague thought it might be me. But, of course, they never forget the story itself especially the ending. The idea seems to drown out everything -- and I'm satisfied that it should." --Isaac Asimov

    anyway it's here: http://multivax.com/last_question.html

    so... what do you think? pig


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    Re: Book club!

    Post  Flowteau on Mon Feb 20, 2017 12:10 am

    I'll check it out soon. I informed YellowNinja because I think this would be his kind of thing too.

    Sukeita Panku!

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