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    Project M Demo Character Review and My Tier List


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    Project M Demo Character Review and My Tier List

    Post  Flowteau on Tue Feb 08, 2011 10:43 pm

    After playing Project M for a week, I know most of the ins-and-outs of the characters; I don't main with everyone, so I can only justify this as my personal take on the characters. Let the full community battle for the official tier list.

    Here's my tier list. The fighters on the same line are tied.

    1. Snake 2. Fox 3. Marth 4. Link 5. Sheik

    6. Falco 7. Lucas
    8. Captain Falcon

    10. Mario 11. Sonic 12. Mr. Game & Watch
    12. Zelda
    13. Ganondorf

    14. Jigglypuff

    This list isn't perfect. It's hard to make a tier list because none of the fighters suck, and there are only fourteen of them. That's why most of the tiers have ties. The only character that I think is far off from the rest is Jigglypuff; he/she is
    better for doubles (team match) rather than singles, and that's her/his only big disadvantage.

    Snake is one of the best edge-guarders. He has very controllable projectiles and a huge-ranged side-smash which conveniently points downward. The focus of his fighting was changed to be specifically about sticking C4s (which no longer can be passed between players and buffed in speed and knockback) to enemies.

    His mind game...game was improved as well. His down-smash mine can be used to psychologically limit his opponents' movement. He is a very good stage dominator, but he isn't broken.

    What keeps him from being broken is three things. First, he is very hard to use. The remote controlled grenade launcher is quite useless on a grounded target, as it is surprisingly low priority. Spamming is even less rewarding due to the speed/physics buffs of other characters, and you will most likely kill your partner on a team match. C4s, grenades, and mines are hard to control because their range is huge. Second, the fact that can be pressured and comboed by a much faster character means that he has to set up his gear on the first few seconds of each stock to guarantee some form of defense. Third, his recovery leaves him very vulnerable. It's hilariously easy to cancel the cypher, and the odds of him not being hit once he lands are very slim.

    He's fast, strong, and as good as he was in Melee. The Shine may cause tripping if used at such an angle that the opponent is knocked downward. While this isn't a problem on Fox's part, I hope the Project Melee Back Room finds a way to remove this sort of tripping in order to be more like Melee. They've only been able to remove random tripping so far, and Banana Peel tripping won't be removed, since that's the point of the move.

    His Melee range was restored, thanks to his sword being held the same way it was before. His grab range was restored as well. The sword is the most important because spacing really defines Marth's game. The tip of his sword has the sweet-spots, so the range is crucial to determine whether the player should use a sweet-spot or a sour-spot in a combo. Melee's Shield Breaker is back, so it has a wider range instead of a single lunge forward; it's much more fun to use.

    In my opinion, Marth has the best aerial game; his worthy rivals are more flawed. Jigglypuff has comparatively low range, Falco's fair is underwhelming, and Ganondorf's jump isn't fast enough to give his aerials justice (though this isn't a problem with short-hopped aerials).

    Not many people now this, but he can drop a bomb without it exploding by either short-hopping and pressing Z or by regular jumping and pressing Z so that it drops onto a platform. It's much more apparent in Smash64, but it can still be done.

    His forward-tilt was changed to be as fast as Young Link's. His recovery has a lot of potential, though it may seem only decent at first. One example of what he can do is the Bomb Recovery from Melee, which was brought back in Project M.

    We'll just have to wait for the final version to see if she is still the fastest wavedasher in the game. Until then, players can still enjoy her already very fast wavedash and aerials. Up-Air and Forward-Air are once again good killing moves.

    Sheik has a very low crouch. Combined with the Crawl ability, she can be very evasive. Her Chain has been nerfed to be Melee-style; it can no longer be used for tether recovery.

    Sheik's Needle Storm works the way as it did in Melee, thankfully. I'm not sure if it's back to having a maximum of six needles instead of five, but the controls are better. In Melee, the B button had to be held to load the needles, and the needles would be thrown upon releasing B. In Brawl, the B button only needed to be pressed once to start charging the needles, which means if you wanted to fire only one needle, you have to press B twice, which is stupid. I don't know if this could be done in Melee, but the needles can now be stored by pressing left or right, rather than Shielding. In short, the needles are once again easy to use and don't follow a bad control scheme.

    Here's the evidence that you need to prove that Project M (at least the demo) isn't perfect. The one technique that you'll see absolutely every Falco pro use the most is the Short-hop Laser Fast-fall. Because of Brawl's native physics, this move is much less useful, harder to do, and it feels very uncomfortable. It feels like Falco is landing too smoothly and too slowly. The Back Room hasn't been able to fix the landing physics as of yet, and I really hope they do. It affects all characters, but Falco depends on it the most. Until then, Falco will not be my main.

    There's little to complain about. I just don't think he has a very great matchup with the higher tier characters; Fox and Sheik are much faster, and Snake and Link's projectiles don't count as "energy" projectiles, which means Lucas can't absorb them with PSI Magnet. (Though his side-smash could still reflect them like any other projectile.) Other than that, his combo and edge-guard potential is great. Offense Up is much more useful than PK Freeze. It makes me wonder what they'll do with Ness to make his Neutral-B useful. To counterpart with Lucas, I think it would be neat if he gets an Offense Up that buffs his aerials.

    Captain Falcon
    The only con that I can think of is that he's not as good at edge-guarding as Lucas and Marth. Thankfully, Falcon Kick works just like it did in Melee, meaning that it will always restore the second jump if he is still airborne. It's unbelievable that they removed it from Vanilla Brawl. It's great for horizontal recovery if he's given enough height to compensate for the diving part of the kick. Raptor Boost can now be used to grab ledges; overall, his recovery is better than before.

    He's not a very flawed character; Mario can combo well. He has the Cape, he has a good wavedash, and his Super Jump Punch can now lead to a wall-jump if he makes contact with a wall before going to helpless; these two moves make his recovery good, too. His only problem (planned out by the B:M team) is that he's not excellent in any specific property either. This article explains it the best. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheMario His projectile (Fireball) isn't as effective as Link's Boomerang (though it has been buffed to have a range between Mario and Dr. Mario's), he's not as dominant as Snake, he's not as good with combos as Sheik, he's not as strong as Ganondorf, his range isn't as long as Marth's, and he's not as fast as Sonic. Despite these lukewarm cons, he's a good choice if you aren't concerned with always being a step ahead of your opponent. Like Link, he exhibits a quality that I hope Pikachu will; the P:M Mario is a mix between Melee Mario and Doctor Mario. Of course I don't want Pikachu to be masochistic like Pichu, but basic speed buffs would be nice.

    Mr. Game & Watch
    The Back Room describes him as a "glass cannon", and that's exactly what he is. Although he is very easy to knockout, his edgeguarding is on par with Marth's, and his smash attacks are very powerful. He retains one buff from Vanilla Brawl: the ability to use Up-B to escape pressures, since it has knockback. It also doesn't leave him helpless, so he can attack after the third jump.

    He takes a lot of tech skill to control, since natively his aerials are very slow. Wavedashing should be used as his primary method of movement. I haven't tested out Oil Panic since there are few characters in the demo that can fuel it, but according to the Back Room, it's faster.

    Now that the Back Room finally released their profile for her, I can summarize Zelda well. You can have three Din's Fires out at once. They will detonate after a couple of seconds. Every time you make a fireball, the timer is reset. This means that if you take out three fireballs at once, then they will detonate at the exact same time. Other than that, Zelda is too slow to combo or pressure effectively, so just like in Melee and Brawl, she's still more of a defense fighter than offense. I see her potential as a stage dominator, but only if she has a partner to help her out; Zelda is definitely better for team matches to make up for her weaknesses and effectively use her strengths. Let the partner do the combos, and finish them off with Din's Fire. She's not a bad character, but the fact that she fares much better in doubles than singles: the dependency on a partner, is my reason for putting her low on the tier list.

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    Re: Project M Demo Character Review and My Tier List

    Post  Bozwaldo on Wed Feb 09, 2011 2:08 am

    At least with Fox you can shine against Link's projectiles... Not that I thought to do that today... :)


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