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    Website recommendations?


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    Website recommendations?

    Post  Bozwaldo on Mon Oct 20, 2014 10:27 pm

    Hello everyone, there's a website I've been wanting to share / tell you guys about for a while, but now I have an excuse to do so because I'm making this thread about what websites each of us visits but the others don't.

    OK here it goes:

    Some of you may be aware that about a month ago, m00t kicked all Gamergate discussion off of 4chan because it turned out that he was become SJW, destroyer of dubs. Thus m00t proved himself a bundle of sticks for all time.

    In the smoke and rubble of the glory that had been Gamergate, /b/tards and whatever /v/ people call themselves found themselves without a land to call their own: Where freedom rang and you could call the mods bundles of sticks without being banned.

    And from the ashes arose a new messiah, free from the corruption of the false god m00t: some cripple named Hotwheels.

    "Where, O merciful lord," the people called, "can we find such a promised land?"

    And Hotwheels looked down and whispered, "8chan."

    And thus, the 8chan boards were born!

    Yeah so it's a pretty cool chan. It doesn't have m00t's selling out-ness, it isn't permanently flooded with newbundlesofsticks, it has webMs with sound, anyone can create a new board (surprisingly useful), and Hotwheels himself has removed as much power from global mods as possible, so SJWs will have little ability to infiltrate the mod staff as possible.

    tl;dr go to 8chan it's better than 4chan.


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    Re: Website recommendations?

    Post  Flowteau on Mon Oct 20, 2014 11:17 pm

    I watched and listened to a Spyro webm. It was beautiful.

    Wow, is that really why gamergate was taken out? I thought the mods were just tired of seeing it everywhere.

    Sukeita Panku!

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    Re: Website recommendations?

    Post  yellowninja on Tue Oct 21, 2014 1:06 am

    website recommendation: http://lccotakuclub.forumotion.com/ its a cool forum site with tons of cool people... oh wait...

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    Re: Website recommendations?

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